Best Medical Billing Software for Small Business in 2022

The cost of medical care in the U.S. is rising, with projections placing annual health spending at $6.2 trillion by 2028. Practices, patients, and insurance companies count on accurate billing, yet approximately 80% of all health care bills have errors. As expenses rise, errors will grow more costly. The best medical billing software for small business practices may save you and your customer's money.

Top Medical Billing Software for Small Business

Medical billing software can help you automate the billing process, potentially reducing the risk of errors. Additional features can streamline other aspects of your practice, improving patient experience, and your bottom line. These companies offer the best software for independent medical practitioners and small practices.


Kareo® is quickly making its mark in the industry. This cloud-based medical billing platform is tailored for independent practices. It features billing automation and allows you to perform billing analyses to help you stay on top of insurance and patient payment trends. The software also includes the following functions:

  • Scheduling, with patient reminders
  • Clinician tools
  • Marketing tools

The fully integrated software can improve your business’s efficiency and effectiveness while reducing billing errors. Outsourcing your billing services may provide a cost-effective and time-saving alternative if you don’t have the time or staff to learn a practice management system.


DrChrono is more than medical billing software for small business practices. It’s a complete patient management system, allowing authorized users to access patient data using the portal and streamlining patient intake and care processes, clinical workflow, claims, and billing processes.

The software has multiple billing features, including an integrated payment system that processes claims, generates receipts, and securely stores credit cards on file. DrChrono also provides a HIPAA-compliant patient portal for secure communications between patients and clinical staff.


Doctor using Medical Billing Hub to find a new medical billing service on a computer.

This billing software simplifies administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your patients and still get paid fast. The single interface makes it easy for staff to access the needed features. RXNT is one of the best medical billing software for small business healthcare practices for automated claims processes, including scrubbing, tracking, alerts, and secondary submissions.

RXNT allows you to create customized billing reports with on-the-fly editing capabilities. The software also features practice management tools for scheduling, patient communications, and front- and back-office administrative tasks.


TherapyNotes provides an all-in-one management software with efficient billing tools for medical practitioners in the behavioral health field. The real-time eligibility feature allows you to verify patient coverage with access to data from close to 900 payers.

Once you complete the electronic claims filing process, TherapyNotes helps track claims status. If you choose to enroll in electronic remittance advice, your insurance payments post fast. The software provides a range of practice management features, enabling a comprehensive approach to behavioral health practice management.

Outsource Services for the Best Medical Billing Software for Small Business

In addition to using the best medical billing software for small business needs, you can let experienced billing professionals handle the process. Medical Billing Hub can help you find a billing service that fits your business’s needs. We ensure you connect with services that have expertise in your specialty. Get started today, and let us help you find the right service for you.

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